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On April 30th, 1982 JOSÉ FERNANDEZ wakes up in start, his blazing pillow. During more than twenty minutes, it is going to struggle against the fire which sets ablaze its flat. He remains suspended to the mad guard, to avoid colossal fire. Hands were burned, it will lose grip and break his spinal column in a terrible fall of the second floor... One year of hospital and an armchair for life. But already all his force is there: for two years, José is non-stop going to search her complete self-government, to be able of making everything the only and being able to accomplish its dream: " I want to go through more than kilometres than Marco Polo, to walk in his traces along the road of the silk, but especially to be able of going until Pagan in Burma " Finally loan, it decides to try to leave for a first small trip to Antilles, in spite of worries of sphincters and skin, he will remain live two years there. In his return, fort of this first experience, he plans to go farther, but still does not know neither where nor how, when one opportunity which is going to change its destiny comes him. The humanitarian "Equilibrium " association organizes escorts of heavyweights for the Armenia where has just occurred a terrible earthquake.
José attracts his chance and writings, without much conviction, a letter to the president of this association:
Mr President,
I know how to make nothing particularly, I can be you of no usefulness in your mission for the misery of the Armenians harshly hit by this seism. In view of my physical disability, I would be perhaps an additional load in your firm. I am paraplegic for seven years, but my courage can erase a lot of physical difficulties. I it that my request can seem to you a bit harebrained, but me wish to participate in this escort. I would understand if you answered request negatively to my request. in the wait of the opposite please agree to mister expression of mes distinguished feelings.
Esbroufé or simply enticed by boldness, the president answers him yes! Three weeks later, José loaded 38 tonnes on board of one drive by his brother and 5 other heavyweights in the escort to cross in full winter .....la RFA, RDA, Pologne, l'Ukrainia, la Georgia et l'Arménia.................................................15 days of road by extreme temperatures to arrive at Yérévan, capital of the Armenia. On place, in the alone big hotel of the city, it meets the medical teams come from different countries to organize assistance. The doctors are impressed by his courage. They are also interested by his unforeseen presence in the middle of this country in decline. They offer him to come in their respective hospitals, to give her experience of paraplegic and give certain advice lowly to the new accident victims of earthquake. José goes in spite of difficulties of accessibility of hospitals and ground there immediately.
Because of a rising war between the Armenia and Azerbaïdjan and snowfalls preventing the planes from taking off, he will remain two months wedged in the corner in the country. It is finally back in France after a stopover of some days in Moscow. By telling the this true first one adventure with his friends, he accomplishes and understands that consequently, perhaps, he will be able to be useful to other disabled persons. But for it it will be necessary to him to go at the end of himself even farther. It decides therefore to leave alone, in wheelchair with a bag of sports on knees, for crossing Russia, the Siberia, Mongolia, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Philippines, and the Thailand. A trip which is going to last 10 months in conditions, you suspect it, very difficult. During his journey, José is going to use all possible means of transport. Pirogues in Philippines to the elephants in Thailand, tractors Dye the warp threads in of oxcart in Philippines .Parmi of amazing meetings, they can signal these: It will accept a certificate of the Mayor of Beijing to be the first paraplegic to have arrived at the top of the big wall of China at Badaling. He will be invited by the ambassador of France in Shanghai, by Mr Bouchard professor of pharmacopeia in the university of Shanghai and author of " My trip in China ". The chairwoman of the painters of the Gunxi, will open him even the doors of a musé closed to the public, it will get lost during 8 days on Yang - Tse Kiang, visitera Iffuago tribes north of Philippines .et many others really others really he goes to you north throughout the countless photographs of this site.
In his return in France, income living on this adventure for which everybody said to him that he would not arrive there, that it was madness, of lack of thought, nothing more could stop it!
A surgical operation and some months later, the manager of Equilibrium, Alain Michel, having known his trip in Asia asks him if he would like to attract an experience, to be the first paraplegic in the world to join Lyons in Dhaka (capital of Bangladesh) by the road in 4x4. As part of a humanitarian mission, it would be necessary to go to open a repair shop of wheelchair in this country. But it was not everything. Aware of forces it mental of José, he also offers him to accompany throughout this adventure, a drug addict in post clean out this man would be of use for him of leg in difficult and shone instants, he would be of use for him of head. It was not more enough there to José so that it does again its bag, which was besides only à trouble undoes. Expedition consisted in leaving with three vehicles one 40 tonnes equipped to cross deserts and filled with medical equipment, with wheelchairs and with various scholastic equipments, safari drunk equipped as storeroom and one 4x4. There would be a doctor responsible for a medical mission (Michel, died this day! (Peace in your soul Michel)), a photographer (Ludo), a driver for the truck (Amin " Better road driver of the world "), the representative for a scholastic mission (Laurent), the pilot of the 4x4 (Patrick) and of course José.
This very very gruelling adventure will last 3 months to arrive to Bangladesh by crossing, Germany, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. They will still meet numerous events ; they live a (direct) earthquake in the centre of Turkey, they are stopped by the army in the east of Turkey, prisoners during weeks in the indo-Pakistani customhouse, they discovered a particular ritual between the indous and Pakistani servicemen, they are issued by one colonel of the Indian army, is invited to the embassy of France in Teheran, and even, in Calcutta. José will be invited and blessed by MOTHER THÉRÉSA. THERE will also be an amazing rescue of a small boy in the big salt desert of Iran , breakdowns right in the middle of the desert of Balûchistân, four interminable days of a tempest of sand. They will be transformed into nurse and into urgent ambulance in lethal accidents on the roads of India, roads impassable in the bengal west, etc.. José will come back at the end of nine months, tired and physically very felt but spiritually exaggerated as he says.
In spite of physical problems, diseases (malaria, dysentery, bedsores) and colossal difficulties which it was necessary to him to overcome, José decides to leave again once again some months later, this time for an even more mad bet He finally wants to accomplish HIS dream finally, it feels ready and able of crossing Himalayas in Pakistan (KKH) then of crossing two deserts, Tashkurgan and Takla-Makan. He wants to continue his road in all China then once again in Philippines, to cross the Vietnam and Laos, then the Thailand, To finish finally it would go in Burma in the descent of the river Irawady up to the ruins of Pagan, at the end of itself, at the end of its dream. And the most extremely is undoubtedly that it made all that!. During this outstanding adventure it is going to meet special people and to live on unforgettable instants. Nicknamed " The man who speaks to the dolphins " on an island of Visaya, or " Number one " in another party of Asia, Mister d' Jo in the can city of San-Carlos, it will trigger off curiosity and respect. His wheelchair will break during the holiday of Thêt in the Vietnam, it will sleep in even the earth blocked by a tempest in Cebu, it will endanger its life to take photographs of dog's killing off in the south of China ; and everywhere it will cross sublime landscapes. These adventures and these landscapes, ' it is going to make you them share! …

And, who knows, can being will they give you force to confront your fright, your doubts?.. Go there, move, go out, dream, do not stay in front of your chimney, a Scottish coverage on knees as at the beginning of the century . Do not make as those who do not have difficulties and who complain at all times. Do not make either as those who have everything and who make nothing. Beat you so that tomorrow the disabled persons are those who did not believe the being. You could meet José on the roads of California, in New York, in Portugal, in Spain, in Italy, in England, in Denmark, in Holland, today, it is in France, he was subjected to numerous hospitalizations because of bedsores. Now, it improves in computer science to create this site and make you sound share lived Before, who knows, to leave again for another challenge! Share your emotions by signing his visitors' book thank you

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