On this site in the menu history you are going to discover the unconvincing adventure of José Fernandez: This history has not only as purpose to prove you that José achieved an adventure, but also especially it wants to explain to the paraplegic and to the disabled persons of the whole world that it is possible to surpass himself, to go to the end of them dreams and beyond concerning prejudices physical their possibilités. Without taking this feat as example they will be able to, consequently, understand that a man went of borders of possible beyond to allow each to find courage to confront looks and difficulties of a still hostile society. It is all together that we shall be able to move forward the world and collapse the barriers of difference.
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"Trip is your father, when you will have been, will have been silent will come back, and the earth will be your mother."
Dicton du peuple Zanskar
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"A 1 000 km trip always begins with a step."
( Lao Tseu )